Why we made Gumbees

Let’s face it: jumping in puddles is all sorts of fun. Kids get that, and that’s why they do it so often! There’s just something about it that draws us in, whether it’s the sheer delight of stomping through water, or the feeling of being ever-so-slightly invincible.

We created Gumbees to allow you to re-live this child-like experience. As adults, it’s just so easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday, or feel obliged to keep up with the latest fashion or fad. With Gumbees, none of that matters.

Our Gumbees exist to help you reset and recapture a simpler time, when all you needed to be happy was a pair of gumboots and a few big puddles! Our hope is that when you pull on a pair of our comfy boots, a bit of rain or mud won’t stop you from getting out there and living a life you love.